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Staged Reading - The Wife Of Bath/Marriage Of Sir Gawain

By Vicki Siegel

A staged Reading

Directed by Robert Estes

Tuesday - January 27th, 2015 8 p.m.


THE WIFE OF BATH/MARRIAGE OF SIR GAWAIN - a new musical based on stories from the Canterbury Tales.

Winter 2015 Staged Reading Series

The Wife of Bath/Marriage of Sir Gawain

Book, lyrics and music by Vicki Siegel

Additional music,arrangements, music direction by Evan Alparone

A staged reading directed by Robert Estes

One Night Only –Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 8 pm



                The Wife of Bath                                             Jennie Brick

                Chaucer, Sir Pellinore                                    Matthew Surrence

                 Merlin, Narrator                                             Stanley Spenger

                 King Arthur                                                    Phillip Percy Williams

                 Sir Bevedere, Gromer Somer Joure             Johnny DeBernard

                 Sir Gawain                                                      Steve Beecroft

                 Crone                                                               Emmy Pierce

                 Knights and Modern Guys/                           Andrew MacIver

                 Ensemble                                                          Chris Cruz

                 Ladies and Modern Women/                         Christine Sheppard

                 Ensemble                                                          Virginia Corrigan

                                                                                           Yael Aranoff

                 Special thanks to Jo Lusk, Paula Aiello and Steve Beecroft.

Notes on the play:

The Wife of Bath/Marriage of Sir Gawain, is based on a set of old medieval tales, but it asks the eternal question “What do women most desire?”  And is any time not the right time for that question?

If you know your Chaucer, and I’m sure you all do, you will recall that the Wife of Bath is one of the characters on a pilgrimage to Canterbury, during which all the pilgrims decide to tell stories to lighten their journey.  The best story wins a free dinner back at the Tabard Inn on their return.  The Wife of Bath’s contribution is a tale that has evolved through the years into “The Marriage of Sir Gawain,” alternatively called “Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady.”  Also woven into this musical is the tale of “Gawain and the White Hart,” a story that tells us more about the early days of Arthur’s court and the formation of young Gawain’s character.

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