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REVIEW: Five Women Wearing the Same Dress’ gets five stars, wows audiences

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Daily Californian Review by By

When local director Zara Benner chose the 1993 comedy “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress” for her winter staged reading, she had a tremendous script to vivify. Written by Oscar and Emmy-winning screenwriter Alan Ball (“American Beauty,” “Six Feet Under”), “Five Women” veers back and forth from playful to tragic, providing rich material for the small, almost exclusively female cast.

Ball pairs witty banter and physical comedy with the emotional traumas of sexual abuse, failing marriages, bigotry and family dysfunction. The result is a production that walks the line between comedy and tragedy, using humor as a mode for cathartic expression. Both a witty, astute script and several strong performances distinguish the production as particularly enjoyable and thought-provoking.

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