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Staged Reading - The Wife Of Bath/Marriage Of Sir Gawain

By Vicki Siegel

A staged Reading

Directed by Robert Estes

Tuesday - January 27th, 2015 8 p.m.


THE WIFE OF BATH/MARRIAGE OF SIR GAWAIN - a new musical based on stories from the Canterbury Tales.

Wife of Bath - a woman of middle age (she has had 5 husbands); she is feisty, forthright, humorous and tells it like it is.

Crone/Bride - young woman who plays old - 20s-30s

Ladies of the court and peasants - chorus; all ages

Modern woman - 20s-30s; who is also part of the chorus

King Arthur - authoritative, older than Gawain; can be 30s-50s

Sir Gawain - Arthur's nephew, young and serious follower of the code of Camelot, a boy scout/hero

Merlin - wise, all knowing mentor; doubles as Lord of the Manor

Sir Pellinore knights who are involved in explaining the plot and who have a comic song
Sir Bevidere

Sir Gromer Somer Joure - villainous knight who threatens King Arthur

Lords of the court - chorus

Chaucer in opening scene


All actors are pilgrims in opening Canterbury pilgrimage scene

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